Academic Leadership

I have held a number of administrative and leadership roles at both Sheffield and Leicester:

University of Sheffield

Deputy Director (PGR Student Affairs), Faculty of Social Sciences (October 2016-present)

Duties include the approval of leave of absences, applications for extension, appointment of PhD examiners, confirmation review reports and final examiner reports. I am also responsible for making recommendations to the Faculty Review Committee in relation to unsatisfactory progress cases,  liaising with the PGR Faculty Sub-Committee and Faculty Forum to identify issues that affect PhD students in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Deputy Director of Research, Information School (inc. REF Impact Coordinator and member of PGR Working Group) (March 2016- present)

Duties include the provision of feedback to REF Impact case study authors,  organising REF Impact-related training activities, and representing the School at Faculty meetings. I am also a member of the School REF Working Group, which  conduct internal reviews of staff outputs and are responsible for delivering its REF strategy. I am also a member of the PGR Working Group, responsible for the review of all PhD applications to the School.

Learning and Teaching Coach Scheme, Information School Coordinator (May- November 2016)

Faculty of Social Sciences ESRC Panel review member (September 2017-present)

Duties included providing feedback and scores to FSS ESRC proposals and applications.

University of Leicester

I held the following administrative posts in the Department of Media and Communication:

Deputy Director of Research (2014-2015)

BA Media & Sociology Programme Director (2012-13)

BSc Communications, Media & Society Programme Director (2012-13)

PGT Admissions Tutor (2009-2011)

Department Twitter Editor (2013)